FIO (Figure It Out!) 

The debut CD by Darrell Johnson features 12 songs ranging in styles from Hip Hop, Blues, R&B and Latin, to Classical, Jazz, Folk, Caribbean, and World Music influences.  All the songs are quirky, fun, and informative, and talk on a myriad of topics like reading, writing & arithmetic, nutrition, the importance of kindness, how to build friendships, no bullying, respect, and what makes a person smart.  (For lyrics, please click here.)

  • FIO (Figure It Out!) - Sample1:06
  • More or Less - Sample1:06
  • Sneaky Tricky Words - Sample1:05
  • Ago Ame - Sample1:06
  • Kind Words, Kind Hands - Sample1:07
  • Hermosa Mariposa - Sample1:07
  • Friendship Song - Sample1:06
  • Don't Say You Don't Like It - Sample1:06
  • The Saga of Peanut Butter & Jelly - Sample1:16
  • The X Factor (Mult. Table) - Sample1:07
  • The Great Divide - Sample1:08
  • Wanna Do Wanna Be - Sample1:10